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Reason Five: Out of state interests are gaming the California initiatives system. 

Reason Four: It will be virtually impossible to fix any unintended consequences

Government regulatory agencies and health authorities around the word -- including Europe -- have declared GMOs completely safe. 

Reason One: It's highly impractical - and therefore costly.


In this episode Dr. Savage explains why labeling GMO food is illogical, impractical, and ultimately expensive for consumers and farmers.

When it comes to sustainability, successes are no longer measured in simple agricultural terms. Success isn’t just about preventing environmental harm, it’s about developing new technologies that actually improve the environment.  In this episode of GSTV Jennifer Shaw (Head of Sustainability, Syngenta North America) explains why social, environmental, and economic elements are all essential in order to achieve lasting sustainability. 

Description: Mr. Ian Jepson (Head of Sugar Cane R&D, Syngenta) explains how technology and automatization significantly reduce the resources needed for sugar cane production. Integrated systems make sugar cane more lucrative for farmers while simultaneously reducing the intensity of labor. Mr. Jepson also discusses how sugar cane allows half of all Brazilian cars to run on bio-fuel.

Chuck Lee (Head of Seeds: Corn and Soybeans at Syngenta) discusses how water and insect control agricultural technologies enable farmers around the world to close the yield gap between corn consumption and production.

Alex Avery of the Hudson Institute talks about how best to protect the environment with regards to agriculture. Is it better to maximize productivity on a single acre and avoid cultivating additional land, or should farms share habitat with wildlife?

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