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Julie Gunlock from the Independent Women's Forum discusses NGOs from the perspective of a woman and mother.

Angela Logomasini from the Competitive Enterprise Institute discusses the important environmental impacts of herbicides - including reducing carbon emissions through no-till farming and increased yield per acre.

Angela Logomasini of the Competitive Enterprise Institute speaks about the common misconceptions of pesticides.

Green State TV talks with Competitive Enterprise Institute's Angela Logomasini about her report 'Rachel Was Wrong,' which takes a look at Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" and it's unfortunate legacy over the last 50 years.

Jeff Stier, Senior Fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research in Washington, DC, discusses the truth about pesticides and organic food.  Mr. Stier corrects the common misconception that organic foods are pesticide free and argues that the average consumer is misled in believing organic is the "safer" choice.

In his Mission Critical Water address, Peleg Chevion (Syngenta's Head of Business Development, Water) discusses an holistic approach to the agricultural water challenge.

In his Mission Critical Water address, Vern Hawkins (President, Syngenta Crop Protection) discusses game changers for water efficiency in agriculture.

In his Mission Critical Water address, Syngenta's Davor Pisk (Chief Operating Officer, Seeds) discusses Asia's coming water crisis and agriculture's role in providing a solution.

Because it's worth asking farmers why they like these crops so much.

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