Pierre Desrochers, author of The Locavore's Dilemma, discusses the affect of the "grow local" movement on the world's food supply.  

Dr. Kevin M. Folta, from the University of Florida, discusses the case of Dr. Don M. Huber, and takes down his claim of discovering a new mystery pathogen related to GMO food.

Dr. Kevin Folta sits down with us to discuss GMO food, and provides his scientific opinion about the safety of the technology.

In our second installment, Julee K (aka @Sleuth4Health) provides advice to skeptics of GM technology, and explains why she will continue writing on this issue.

Julee K (aka @Sleuth4Health) discusses her reasons for changing her mind on genetically modified crops.

Fourat Janabi discusses the reasons for the success of the anti-GMO movement, and argues that the pro-GMO can learn from this success.

Fourat Janabi, formerly an anti-GMO writer, discusses the modern Organic agriculture movement. He talks about the reasons for its success, along with its shortcomings and the need for modern agriculture techniques.


Fourat Janabi, author of Random Rationality and former anti-GMO writer, discusses his reasons for becoming a supporter of GMO technology.


Julie Gunlock from the Independent Women's Forum discusses the news cycle and NGOs from the perspective of a woman and mother.


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